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Mar, 27, 2019
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(Last Updated On: September 16, 2019)

Our leg muscles are the biggest in the body- that’s why to burn more fat and use more energy we have to move our legs. I recently started adding this leg power circuit to the end of my workouts and I can really feel the results.

This circuit is so versatile- do it for 20 mins on its own or add it to the end of a workout for one or two sets. The choice is yours. Whatever you do though, you have to give this one a go.

Lateral Lunges

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. With one leg lunge out to the side. Make sure to bring your booty down toward the ground as you lunge. Come back up and repeat on the other leg. Make sure your knee doesn’t travel further forward than your toes. Repeat for 20 reps, 10 on each leg.

Alternate Lunges

Stand up straight, engage your core then lunge forward with your right leg. Make sure your knees don’t travel over your toes. Come back to start, then lunge forward with your left leg. Repeat for 20 reps, 10 on each leg.

To make this a little more advanced why not try jumping? Instead of lunging forward jump, alternating legs.

Squat Jumps

This is another exercise to get the heart rate going at the end. Get into a squat position the jump up into the air as high as you can. Come back down into a squat position. Repeat 20 times.

Pause Squats

These are killer right after the squat jumps. Get back into the squat position and hold for 10 seconds. Or challenge yourself… why not try holding for 20 or 30 seconds? Then come back up to standing. Repeat for 5 reps.


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