Morning Workout: Full Body Energiser

Mar, 21, 2019
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(Last Updated On: September 16, 2019)

Have you ever got out of bed and not quite felt yourself? You know.. that lazy feeling? Like you just don’t want to do today? Yup we all have. I’ve got the answer for you! The Full Body Morning Energiser Workout.

The morning energiser as I like to call it engages your entire body, waking you up and energising you for the day ahead all from the comfort of your own home or hotel.

This morning workout is also the perfect travel full-body workout. No gym required.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing slightly outwards. Squat down making sure your knees don’t go further forward than your toes. Your thighs should be at a 90-degree angle to your shins. 20 reps total.

Curtsy Lunges

Start with your right leg. Lunge back with your right leg bringing it back and left. Repeat 20 times alternating legs. Curtsey lunges really tackle your thighs and glutes. 20 reps total.

Bodyweight tricep dip

Sit down on the ground with your knees bent. Position your hands behind your torso shoulder-width apart. Straighten your arms, keeping a slight bend in your elbow to avoid joint injury. Then bend your elbows and bring your body down towards the ground. Engage your triceps and try not to use your feet to carry your weight. 20 reps total.

Push Up

Start in a plank position with your hands on the ground, directly under your shoulders. Release your elbows until your shoulders are in line with your elbows. Push back up. Repeat for 20 reps.

Leg Raise

Lie down flat on your back. Raise your legs in the air so they are at a 45-degree angle with your body. Lower down slowly. The slower you go the harder it gets. Make sure to keep your abs engaged. 20 reps.

Jumping Jacks

Stand up straight with your arms by your sides. Then jump out into a star shape bringing your arms together up over your head. Jump back to the original position and repeat. Keep going for 1 minute. How many can you do in 1 minute? Can you beat that number in the next set?


Repeat for 4-5 sets. The more the better.Β 

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Let me know your comments below! Do you feel energised and ready to go about your day?


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