Top Things to Do  in Bari, Italy

by Roam & Thrive

Getting to Bari

Your first port of call will probably be Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport. It’s located about 8km from the city center and there are many different transport links that will take you to the center. You can take a taxi, the train or the bus. 

Where to Stay in Bari

The Best Things to Do in Bari,  Italy

Buy Fresh Pasta on Strada delle Orecchiette

For a glimpse into local food traditions, what to eat in Bari and to get your hands on some local orecchiette (ear-shaped pasta famous in Puglia) to take home make sure to weave this gorgeously narrow alley into your itinerary. Orecchiette Street or Stada Delle Orecchiette is a lovely local street on which you’ll find local women making and selling fresh orecchiette right outside their homes.

Visit Basilica San Nicola

The most popular basilica in Bari, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas is a grand Romanesque-style church that was completed in the 12th Century. It’s one of the most famous attractions in Bari Old Town. It took over 100 years to build by the Normans who occupied Puglia at the time. The church was built to house the relics of Saint Nicholas, the saint who inspired today’s Santa Claus, as they moved from present-day Turkey to a safer place in Bari.

Watch Locals at Piazza Mercantile

One of the unmissable things to do in Bari is to spend time in Piazza Mercantile, Bari’s most significant public square. Surrounded by beautiful palaces, a clock tower and commercial buildings, this square has been the hub of Bari commercial life since the 14th century.

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