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Is One Day for Hallstatt Enough?

Hallstatt is a tiny lakeside village and you can easily walk around it in under an hour. Having a full day, or even half a day for Hallstatt in enough time. However, there are many Hallstatt attractions located around the village in the surrounding mountains and countryside which you would need more time to see.

How to Get to Hallstatt?

Visit the Hallstatt Ossuary

During the Middle Ages, as cemetery space became limited, they started digging under Pfarrkirche Maria am Berg church to create more space to bury the dead and it looks like most of these skeletons have been there since. While the Skull Chapel might not be the prettiest thing to see in Hallstatt it certainly is an intriguing sight.

Take in Views from Hallstatt Skywalk

Hallstatt Skywalk is a viewing platform located on top of a mountain just above Hallstatt.  The viewing platform itself actually juts out from the mountaintop creating a sensation that you’re walking in the air. Get unrivalled panoramic views of the enchanting Hallstätter See and the surrounding mountains.

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