Best Christmas Markets in Germany

By roam & Thrive 2023

Looking to visit the famous European Christmas markets?

Germany is one of the best countries in Europe for it's vibrant and festive Christmas Markets. 

German Christmas markets start opening in late November (around the 21st-25th) and continue until Christmas.


Cologne has quite a few different Christmas markets and while the Cathedral Christmas market is the most popular, Heinzels Wintermarchen is our favorite.

Heinzel’s Wintermarchen is Cologne’s Old Town Christmas market. It’s one of the largest and best markets in the center of town and has both amazing Christmas decor and a large variety of things to do.


Nuremberg’s Christkindlmarkt is one of the best Christmas markets in Germany and it also happens to be one of the oldest Christmas markets. The city also has some pretty unique Christmas traditions associated with it.

Nuremberg’s Christmas market can be found on the Market Square in the center of the city and is full of sparkling stalls selling Christmas ornaments, local snacks, festive drinks, and unique gifts.


Located in Western Germany, very close to the border with both Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen is a beautiful little town with a stunning UNESCO Protected cathedral. The city also boasts one of the best Christmas markets in Germany.

Situated right between the stunning cathedral and the unique Town Hall on Marktplatz, Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt boasts many wooden stalls selling delicious savory, and sweet snacks and treats.

Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt