14 Best  Valley of Fire State Park Hikes You Can't Miss

by Roam & Thrive

Can You Hike Valley of Fire State Park in a Day?

The park isn’t big and many of the main highlights you can see by car when driving around. You won’t be able to hike all the trails in a day but you can choose a few easy hikes or a long one and make the most of your day.

Is there an Entrance fee to Valley of Fire?

There is an entrance fee which you’ll need to pay at the booth on your way into the park, either at the west or east entrance. The fee is $10 per vehicle for Nevada residents (Nevada plates) and $15 for non-Nevada residents

Top Valley of Fire State Park Hikes Nevada

The White Domes Trail

Another one of the most popular Valley of Fire hikes is the White Domes Loop Trail located at the end of White Domes Road or Mouse’s Tank Road. The trail is about a mile long, featuring all kinds of scenery and at one point, you even pass a short slot canyon which is a pretty cool experience. The trail ends at a point where you can see the distant mountains – it is truly an epic sight!

Mouse’s Tank Trail

Located just a little before Rainbow Vista Trail, Mouse’s Tank Trail is another short trail, perfect for those looking for a variety of short trails during their trip to Valley of Fire State Park. This is a short, sandy trail which provides some beautiful views of Mouse Tank Road. It’s fairly similar to Rainbow Vista Trail so you might just want to choose one rather than doing them both.

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