An Alternative to Plastic Bottles & Other Single-Use Plastics (For Travel)

Jul, 28, 2020
(Last Updated On: August 1, 2020)

Plastic, the ultimate enemy of our lands, oceans, rivers, beaches and mountains. It’s time to acknowledge just how much plastic waste we are creating and its damaging effects on the environment. There’s no denying the scale of the problem and sometimes it’s easy to think, well, what can I do? The truth is that you can make a difference, a big one. There is an alternative to plastic bottles, cups, cutlery and single use plastic alternatives made with sustainable materials make an ecologically sound choice.

Be the change you want to see- you CAN make a difference. 

Ditching single-use plastic and especially plastic water bottles at home is one thing but this gets considerably harder when we travel. So where you do start?

Taking into account an alternative to plastic water bottles, grocery items, self-care and being more conscious about how we use these items can really help to seriously decrease plastic waste.  Here are some of the best alternatives to make switching easy today.

Another thing to remember, especially if you want to make a change but are feeling overwhelmed is that all of this doesn’t need to be done overnight. One small step in the right direction is a huge win and if you decide to just switch one small thing today, that so much better than doing nothing. 


The single best thing we can all do for the planet right now is to find an alternative to plastic bottles. Trade-in your plastic bottles for a reusable water bottle, a move that’s not only environmentally friendly but cost-effective too. Considering the amount of water we should be drinking daily (2-3litres), that’s an incredible amount of plastic waste per person per day. Luckily, plastic water bottle waste can easily be avoided.

If you’re someone who wants to make a change and travels locally in their home country where the water is safe to drink, I recommend getting a basic, affordable, reusable water bottle like this. Not only do you eliminate the need to use plastic bottles, but it also makes you far more aware of how much water you’re drinking, so you can make sure you get enough water every day.

While investing in a cheap reusable water bottle at home is a great idea to start, what happens when you want to travel, and especially to countries where water isn’t potable? For years this was the problem I had, I’d be happy using my trusty reusable water bottle when travelling to countries with clean tap water but I got stuck when travelling further off the beaten track so you can imagine my joy upon finding a solution to this.

LARQ and GRAYL are two great brands that have integrated a filtration system into their water bottles, allowing it to filter out 99.9% of bacteria, parasites, chemicals and microplastics and other nasties you don’t want in your water. These water bottles allow you to fill up from taps, rivers and even lakes while getting fresh water all while eliminating single use plastic bottles for good. They really are the perfect alternative to plastic bottles.


Simple Modern Water Bottles – Basic, great for home, everyday use and local travel. They are stainless steel, vacuum wall insulated and come in so many shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Get a Simple Modern bottle on Amazon here.

The LARQ Bottle– The LARQ bottle is the first of it’s kind and probably the best reusable bottle on the market right now. It has a unique self-cleaning and water purification system powered by UV-C LED technology- one of the most hygienic and safe ways of purifying water. It will purify your water in just 60 seconds and continues to activate and reclean your water so that it remains safe and odour free. This is my personal favourite and I can’t recommend it more.

Get your LARQ reusable bottle here

GRAYL Ultra Light Purifier– Off the beaten track adventures this is one of the best bottles on the market. It’s fast and easy to use, has an award-winning filter design and most importantly ensures you get 100% pure drinking water, wherever in the world you are.

Grayl pink reusable water bottle with filter

Get yours here.


Ditch the plastic produce bags available to you at supermarkets and instead opt for canvas reusable bags to bag single- packed items. If you’re someone who buys a lot of fruit and vegetables then those single-use, plastic, produce bags can really add up. Luckily there are a few single use plastic alternatives.

These reusable mesh bags are durable, can be easily machine washed and they’re transparent, allowing both you and the cashier to see what’s inside for a faster checkout process.  When travelling, these bags can also double up as laundry bags or even as makeshift packing cubes.

When going to the supermarket make sure to always bring a mesh shopper, like this or canvas bag, I love this one, to bring all your groceries home in. 


If you’re someone who loves take outs both at home and when travelling, you’ll want to make sure you have your own reusable cutlery set to hand too. Plastic straws and plastic cutlery really should be illegal and while regulations are slowly being passed to stop the use of these items, this isn’t yet the norm.  When getting a takeout, say no to plastic cutlery, straws and plastic containers and instead opt for a reusable cutlery kit which packs down super small, like this one. Both bamboo and steel straws make excellent single use plastic alternatives. 

Get your reusable bamboo and steel straw set here


There’s always something a little exciting about going to your local cafe for a coffee to go, instead of making it at home, but make sure your experience doesn’t come with an incredible amount of waste. Getting a reusable coffee cup is a great way to make your morning brew a lot more sustainable. It’s also great to use as a coffee cup on the go on your way out of the door. 

I personally don’t use one, but KeepCup always comes recommended to me. Get yours here.


Shop locally– going to a local farmer’s market is a much better way to avoid plastic waste. Shop for your fruits and veggies, bagging them yourself in canvas bags instead of plastic ones. Not only do you avoid plastic packaging, but you’re also supporting local farmers and local agriculture.

Make more at home – Some items can be easily made at home while avoiding all types of unnecessary packaging. These include hummus and other types of dips, pasta sauces, and nut milk. They are simple to make and the only waste you’ll have, if any, is composable.

Plan Ahead – By planning ahead you can organise yourself so that you have everything you need to be waste free. Is there a possibility you might visit a supermarket today? Take some bags, just incase.

Find out how to make your own plant-based milk for cheap

Do you have any comments or questions about an alternative to plastic bottles or other single use plastic alternatives? Let me know below.

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