17 Best  Things to Do in Antigua Guatemala

by Roam & Thrive

Where to Stay in Antigua

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo San Rafael Hotel Port Hotel Antigua Meson Panza Verde Ojala

Where to Eat in Antigua

Nana Por Que No? Cafe Samsara Caoba Farms La Bruja Meson Panza Verde Restaurant

Top Things to  Do in Antigua Guatemala

Explore Casa Santo Domingo

Now a luxury hotel and a museum, Casa Santa Domingo was once a thriving monastery and it’s certainly been through a lot over the years. From its history as one of the most important convents in the Americas until now Casa Santo Domingo is well worth a wander even if you’re not staying at this gorgeous property during your stay in Antigua.

Visit Nim Po’t Centro de Textiles Tradicionales

This market, located right next to the old bus station is the best place to go to buy textiles in Antigua. With an array of blankets, throws, cushion covers, ponchos, jackets, hats, scarves and just about anything else you can weave, this is a gorgeous place to come to learn about traditional craftsmanship and weaving as well as stock up on some beautiful pieces for your home.

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