Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  + Top Secret Spots

by Roam & Thrive

Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is during the dry season from November to April when the weather is sunny and pleasant. This period offers optimal conditions for exploring beaches and participating in outdoor activities.

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico

Playa Los Tules

Los Tules beach is one of the best Puerto Vallarta beaches, especially in the northern part of town or the Zona Hotelera.  It’s a sprawling beach with plenty of space for a walk or to lay down on for the day. While it definitely is near many of the resorts and hotels in the area, it is, in my opinion, the best strip of sand in Puerto Vallarta itself.

Playa Colomitos

Playa Colomitos might just be Mexico’s smallest beach. This tiny cove can only be reached on foot or by boat and really makes you feel like you’ve just washed up in paradise. There’s nothing here except for one property, a restaurant, and a small kiosk so it’s best to bring in drinks and snacks. There’s not much to do in Playa Colomitos but relax and swim in the calm waters. 

Playa Las Animas

Playa Las Animas is a beautiful beach located about halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Yelapa, just south of Boca de Tomatlan. It’s a stunning crescent-shaped beach with a pier in the center. It’s easily one of my favorite Puerto Vallarta beaches. Playa Las Animas offers clear blue water, powdery, yellow sand, and a beautiful backdrop of wild jungle. There are no resorts or hotels here but you will find a few palapa-roofed restaurants and bars.

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