Top Tips for a  Successful Veganuary

by Roam & Thrive

The Benefits of Veganuary

↠ A healthy, wholefoods based vegan diet is much healthier than a conventional western diet full of overprocessed foods.  ↠ Factory farming of poultry and livestock in particular are unethical and rife with disease, antibiotics and chemicals. ↠ Animal agriculture has a massive effect on the environment and the landscape through the contribution of greenhouse gases and more.  ↠ Trying out Veganuary gives you the chance to start a new wellness journey and relationship with yourself, your body and the environment.

Top Tips for  Veganuary

Find Your Motivation

After all, it is your motivation that will get you through the month. What is it that made you want to commit to Veganuary? Find that motivation and better still write it down as this might help you if halfway through the month you feel a little less motivated than when you started.

Use Online Resources and Find Communities

Online communities and resources can go a long way when it comes to giving you a motivation boost or more simply a place to find information and connect with others. The Veganuary website is a great place to start with tonnes of information about going vegan, recipes, restaurant guides and a community you can join.

Happy Veganuary!

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