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The Best Casablanca Valley Wineries You Must-Visit

Feb, 06, 2019
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Chile is a predominantly agricultural country producing some of the world’s highest amounts of fresh produce for export. It’s such a long country that pretty much all world climates can be found within its borders, meaning that it can grow just about anything. That includes grapes and lots of grapes. Vineyards in Chile are some of the most developed in the new world not to mention beautiful and this especially goes for the Casablanca Valley wineries.

You may already know that different varieties of grapes need different conditions in order to flourish and the valleys of Central Chile get those conditions just right. 

The Casablanca Valley is one of the closest to Santiago of all of Chile’s wine regions. It lies on the road to Valparaiso and if you’ve been there, no doubt you’d have driven right through it. The Casablanca Valley is home to many different Chilean vineyards growing mainly white wine grape varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon to name a couple.

In this valley you’ll find the following vineyards; Casona Veramonte, Emiliana Organic Vineyards, Viñamar, Loma Larga, Casas del Bosque, Indomita, Villard Fine Wines, Viña Quintay, William Cole, Matetic and La Recova.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to visit them all, but I have been to many during my time living here in Chile. The following are my favourites all for different reasons. 


Due to their proximity to Santiago, the Casablanca Valley wineries make the perfect day trip from the big city. Public transportation connections here aren’t the best and I’d really recommend a tour or your own wheels for this trip.

Tour – After residing in Chile for some time now and using these guys several times, I’d highly recommend Travelan Tours. They have their own standard day tours to the most popular vineyards in the Casablanca Valley but what’s great about them is their flexibility. You are free to name the vineyards you’d like to visit and Manuel will take you there. Not only are the tours fully customizable, but Manuel is also a fountain of knowledge and recommends the BEST places to eat, drink and pass the day. Highly recommended.

Car – Another great way to get around by rental car. This way you can see all the vineyards you like at your own pace. Do note, however, some vineyards work with a reservations-only policy and their tours all seem to start at different times of the day, so I’d recommend you check the vineyards websites and reserve tours before you go. If you don’t fancy the hassle go with Travelan Tours instead.

Bus – For a super budget but not the best option you can also jump on a bus from Santiago heading to Valparaiso and get dropped off on the highway in the Casablanca Valley. Note though that the distance between vineyards can be large and it’s not a good idea to walk from one to the other along the highway.



Emiliana is one of the only organic, sustainable and biodynamic vineyards in Chile so naturally, it’s already one of my favourites. Their wine is delicious and best enjoyed at the vineyard itself, surrounded by vines on rolling hills and in the hands of very welcoming hospitality. Emiliana pride themselves on their organic and natural convictions and their tour is thorough and engaging- I know I really learned a lot. Reservations of their tours and wine tastings can be made through their website. Reserve at least one day in advance.  Click here for their website.


Out of all the Casablanca Valley wineries, Casas del Bosque is definitely one you can’t miss. This vineyard makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a Tuscan villa. The main building as you come in is wonderfully Italian with perfectly manicured lawns and areas with sun loungers and sofas to relax. Surrounding the main building are rolling hills of vines. At this vineyard, you can get to Casa Mirador which is behind the main building at the top of the hill. From here you have 180-degree views over the whole valley. It’s pure magic. 

The best thing about Casa del Bosque apart from the views and wine is the restaurant. I would definitely recommend having lunch here as the food is world-class and really not that expensive for the quality you get. Grab yourself a table on the terrace for gorgeous garden views.  This is quite a large vineyard so no need to reserve ahead of time. I’d recommend coming during the week if you can as at the weekends it does get busy.  Check out their website here for more details.

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Casona Veramonte is the first vineyard as you come into the Casablanca valley. It’s largely flat and can easily be explored on foot. They also adhere to organic farming practices and use compost made from last years harvest remains. You’ll also see many sheep at this Casablanca Valley winery. They use the sheep as a natural lawnmower as well as using them for compost. The grand, neo-classical building here transports back to ancient Rome with its lovely high-ceilings and arches.  Veramonte also owns Ritual, Primus, Neyen as well as Casona Veramonte. These are premium lines that can be bought in their shop on site for cheaper than a reseller in Santiago.  Click here to visit their website for more information and to reserve tours and tastings and even biking tours.


Villard is a small, family-run, boutique vineyard right in the heart of the Casablanca Valley. The family has their roots in France and Australia so you could certainly say they know what they’re doing. The vineyard is small but gorgeous- you could easily just stroll around the premises all day and sip wine. Their wine is absolutely delicious and some of the best wine I have tasted in Chile.  Tours are conducted by the owners themselves and they include wine of your choice as well as a great cold menu and cheese board.  Due to the vineyard being small and family-run, reservations for tours are necessary. Click here for more details.

Any comments or questions about planning your visit to the Casablanca Valley wineries in Chile? Comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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