The Best Way to Rehydrate | 5 Top Drinks For Dehydration

Oct, 03, 2019
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(Last Updated On: May 20, 2020)

Up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water so it’s not surprising that we need to keep well hydrated to feel and look our best, especially so when travelling. Carrying heavy backpacks, hot and humid climates, public transport with no air-conditioning or full-day hikes all make us sweat, later leading to dehydration if the fluids aren’t replenished. While hydration is key, luckily water isn’t the only liquid that can hydrate and nourish our bodies. Here is the best way to rehydrate or shall I say the five best ways to rehydrate when you need to replenish post-workout, post-hike or post-sweaty day.

Why does dehydration matter?

By keeping well hydrated throughout the day, you’re helping your body to perform at its optimum. If dehydrated, your body will start to send out signals or symptoms which aren’t always fun to deal with, especially when you’d rather be chasing sunsets and living your best life.

Energy levels– hydration keeps your energy levels high and the first symptoms of dehydration are tiredness and fatigue. Something you really don’t want on a day out exploring.

Headaches– No-one wants a headache right before a 12 hours bus trip. With dehydration, the amount of liquid encompassing your brain decreases leading to headaches. Luckily they can be sure with any of the below drinks.

Constipation and other stomach issues– water keeps the stomach tract clean and greases up the digestive system which helps to prevent constipation. If you lose a lot of water from vomiting or diarrhoea this can lead to many other symptoms and could bring on acid reflux and heartburn. 

Some other symptoms to look for are dark-coloured urine, dry lips and skin, dry mouth, dizziness and irritability.  If your dehydration symptoms are serious you can check your symptoms here and then consult a doctor.



Water is king and at the top of the list when it comes to keeping you hydrated and it probably is still the best way to rehydrate. Sipping water throughout the day will help to keep you hydrated and will replenish all the liquid you’ve lost that day. The best part: it’s free. You’ll always be able to find a glass of water wherever you are. 

Make sure to carry your own reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones. Get your pretty reusable bottle here.


If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in the tropics or in developed countries where you can buy it in the supermarket you’re in luck. Coconut water is like a natural Gatorade, just without the artificial sugar. Containing five different electrolytes; potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium it packs a punch at hydrating your body completely. While it does have a little sugar, it’s completely natural so it’ll always be better for you than a processed sports drink. A coconut a day is still my favourite way to rehydrate.

Make sure to be using reusable straws in your coconut to avoid plastic pollution which leads to the degradation of our natural environment. Shop here for all my favourite reusable straws.


What’s one step up from water? Electrolyte water. When dehydrated and depleted of electrolytes, mixing them into regular water can quickly help to counter-balance symptoms such as headaches and low energy levels. There are brands such as Smartwater, however, their products come in plastic bottles. I prefer to buy sachets of powdered electrolytes ready to be mixed with water. Far more environmentally friendly. 


Watermelon is 96% water, so when you want something refreshing and hydrating but you’re tired of water reach for watermelon. I love to put chunks of watermelon in a blender, blend it into a juice and drink it that way, for a healthy, vitamin-filled, hydrating pick-me-up. 

Looking for some other healthy drink recipes? Check out these 7 Delicious Drinks to Boost Your Immune System


A homemade, natural electrolyte drink is so quick and easy to make. When travelling the ingredients can easily be picked up in a local market and you can make the drink in your Airbnb, hotel room or hostel. Mix together ginger juice, lemon juice (to taste), a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, a pinch of sea or Himalayan salt and water. Not only is this a hydrating powerhouse of a drink, but it also gives your immune system a boost too. 


If you’re already dehydrated then stay away from caffeine or alcohol. Drinks like tea, coffee, soda and cocktails can actually make you more dehydrated and make your symptoms worse. If you aren’t able to give up your morning coffee or your nightcap have a massive glass of water right before it.

Although I haven’t mentioned it in my top 5, Gatorade and Powerade also do the trick when it comes to hydration and if there is nothing else available then they work well. I personally try to stick to the most natural, less- processed drinks that I can. If you’re going for Gatorade make sure to opt for the zero sugar options. So next time you’re feeling dehydrated or you’ve had an epic day of exploring grab any of the above best drinks for dehydration and put your body back in balance. 

Do you have any comments or questions about the best way to rehydrate? Let me know below!

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