Hangovers: Getting over the night before

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Dec, 20, 2018
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It happens to the best of us. Hangovers can hit hard. I’m pretty sure everyone who has been travelling has gotten drunk at some point and faced the nauseating repercussions the next day. You need a hangover cure and quick! Keep reading…

When not travelling, I personally don’t drink every day or even every week and hangover management isn’t an issue. Sometimes, this can change completely when travelling. Why is it that every beautiful sunset, every beach barbecue, football match, concert, or even meal go perfectly with a beer, or two…. or three? 

Drinking too much can come with meeting new people. Scenario; you check into an awesome hostel and meet a great bunch of people from your dorm. Before you know it you’re out in a bar, three tequila shots deep having the best time with these smashing new friends. Some degree of a hangover is guaranteed.

Hangovers can be difficult to deal with. In hotter climates they can be even worse due the body’s state of dehydration prior to drinking. Many times it really depends on what you drank, or precisely how many different types of alcohol you drank rather than how much you drank. 

A hangover is your bodies way of telling you-you are dehydrated. Alcohol acts as a ‘diuretic’ which explains why when you drink you’re going to the toilet a lot more than usual. In the morning when the hangover sets in your body is already too dehydrated to metabolise the byproducts/toxins of the alcohol therefore making you feel like poo.

Essentially the best thing to do at this point is to get as much fluid into your body as possible This way it can start to metabolise those alcohol toxins as soon as possible. 

Here’s my list of what to do, eat and drink to help your body battle that hangover and get you up on your feet again. 

Water, water and then more water

The best thing you can do to tackle a hangover is to drink as much water as humanly possible. When drinking the night before, try to alternate alcoholic drinks with water. This can seriously make a difference to how you feel in the morning. Also, try to go to sleep at night with a bottle of water by your bed so that if you wake up during the night dying of thirst you’re covered. Then, when you wake up in the morning you don’t have to go searching for water with a pounding headache. I have woken up many times, hungover, having to go searching for bottled water in a hostel and its no fun, believe me. Always be prepared. 

Coconut Water

If you’re in a country with fresh coconuts available, coconut water is my best go-to remedies for dehydration. It’s very high in electrolytes and potassium and low in sugar which helps to rehydrate you fast while keeping your blood sugar stable. If you aren’t in a country rich in fresh coconuts, don’t worry! Coconut water is now so popular you’ll probably be able to find it in your local high-end supermarket.

A fresh coconut may be just what the doctor ordered.

A Good Breakfast

A good breakfast, high in carbs and natural sugar will not only help with your energy levels but also with boosting your blood sugar levels. This will make you feel a little more like your old self again. Toast with honey or pancakes with fruit are a great option. Try to go for something sweet rather than savoury. 

Careful on the caffeine

Too much caffeine dehydrates the body further so I try to ease off the caffeine in the morning. I go for a cup of tea or my favourite, a matcha latte when I can. If you are a caffeine addict remember to actually have your morning cup of coffee. You don’t want caffeine withdrawal symptoms to add to the symptoms of the hangover. 


Try to get some more sleep if possible. I find that sometimes the best way to cure a hangover is just to sleep it off. If you have nowhere to be, just go back to bed and take it easy, it works wonders. 

Oral Rehydration Salts

Most travellers have these on hand when travelling anyway as they are traditionally used for combating dehydration from diarrhoea. Why not use them to combat a hangover? Made up of primarily sugar and salt, these are just what your body needs to combat a hangover. Dissolve a sachet into a litre of water and you’re ready to go. Be warned though, they don’t taste nice so they might be a little difficult to stomach but they’re worth it. 

I hope this post will help you with any future hangovers. Please comment below, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on hangover remedies.

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