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· Why you don't have to give up your fitness routine to stay fit while leaving your gym for good. ·

Jan, 07, 2019
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(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

Most of you already know that Roam and Thrive is all about travelling the world with health and fitness in mind. I travel around the world (almost) full time, eat well and exercise daily. I don’t believe in the need to renounce your fitness routine or change your lifestyle just because you decided to commit to an around the world trip or a more nomadic lifestyle. You will, however, have to adapt, as the chances of your local gym having a branch in every place you visit are pretty non-existent. If you’re travelling on a budget you probably won’t have access to a nice air-conditioned hotel gym, but that’s ok- there are other things you can do. Travelling fit is a brand new challenge and with the right mindset, it can be really fun!

When travelling fit, there are so many different variables and one size does NOT fit all. I mean what even counts as fitness? If I walk around sightseeing all day, does that count as activity? What if I have a lazy day watching Netflix and scoffing Pad Thai? Whatever your answer is to these questions is the correct one. If you feel that a day on your feet counts as a workout, it does! Travelling fit is very versatile. If fitness for you is just walking or a leisurely bike ride, that’s great. Cheat and rest days are amazing and totally needed when travelling.

My goal is to show and inspire you that you can travel full-time and be fit and at optimal health at the same time, depending on what that means for you.  The key here is combining movement into your everyday activities and being conscious of it.

Here are my tips for what you can do now, to combine full-time travelling with fitness and wellness. 



The English dictionary defines fitness as ‘the condition of being physically fit and healthy’. It’s a state achieved by many different kinds of movement. Walking, running, climbing, kayaking, swimming, workout routines, yoga, the list goes on. Choose an activity that feeds your soul and incorporate it into your day. I don’t like running very much personally, so you probably won’t ever see me running down the streets of a city, but I love cycling, high-intensity interval training and hiking. Every day I’ll do one of those.


Decide on your workout and plan it into your day! My best time for working out is first thing in the morning and I know that works for many other people too. If you’re travelling in hot and humid countries, working out in the morning or evening is the only option really, just because it’s too hot at any other time.  I get up, drink some water and do my workout. That way I know it’s done for the day and I can move onto everything else. Why not plan a day trek? or a short run around the local park? Whatever your plan, just make sure you have one otherwise it’s easy to forget or just dodge it altogether. 


On a daily basis, I carry around a lot of weight. In the form of a backpack of course. Not gym weights. That would be weird. Cameras, tripods, lenses, personal gear, extra clothing all take up space and can really feel like a weight on your shoulders when you have been out and about all day. This does, however, help to tone the shoulders, back, abs and legs and to keep you travelling fit.


The first time I stayed right next to a park and realised how easy it was just to cross the street and have a wonderful place to work out was like a lightbulb moment for me. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? From then on I’m always on the hunt for accommodation near green spaces. It can be the tiniest of green spaces, after all, how much space does one need for a quick bodyweight workout? It really saves time and definitely helps with motivation levels when you don’t have to think for some time about where you could work out.


It always helps to research your destination before you visit and I’m not talking about the touristy things. Do your fitness research. Go online and see if any local gyms are doing a daily deal. See if there are any free Nike Training classes. There might be running groups or fitness meet-ups nearby that you can join for a couple of sessions. These special events don’t have to cost much, they get you moving, you get to be part of the local fitness culture and you have the opportunity to meet new people. Sorted.

I really hope this has helped you somewhat to get moving while on the road. I’d love to hear about your travelling workouts and what you do to travel fit. Let me know, comment below!

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