Our Top 5 Healthy, Plant-Based Road Trip Breakfast Ideas

Jun, 17, 2020
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)

Planning a road trip can be stressful and often involves thinking about where to go, where to sleep, parking rules in different cities and also what to eat. At Roam and Thrive we believe in the importance of great, nutritious food when travelling and road trips are no exception. A balanced healthy lifestyle makes a happy traveller. When planning a road trip I always get stuck when it comes to meal planning and struggle to think of ideas on the spot, normally while gazing emptily at supermarket shelves wondering what to throw into the trolley. I’ve decided to come up with this list of our top plant-based road trip breakfast ideas, which are not only quick but healthy, nutritious and filling, ready to set you up for a day of exploring.

Most of the following road trip breakfast ideas require some types of equipment. Almost always a bowl and spoon or fork and some also require a small pan and gas stove for cooking. When going on a road-trip we always recommend this basic cooking set up, which means you can cook your own food from anywhere and not have to rely on services and restaurants. If you don’t own some basic cooking equipment then try the links below to get them at the best price on Amazon today. 

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The ultimate road trip breakfast has to be overnight oats. It requires no cooking and therefore no cooking equipment meaning you get the creamiest oats without much effort. All you need is oats, plant-based milk of choice, cinnamon and some fruit or granola to top it with. Hence the name, overnight oats, it needs to be prepared the night before in order to get the creamy, ‘cooked’ consistency. Place your oats in a bowl and cover with milk. Then place in a mini-fridge or to the side until morning when you stir it and add cinnamon, fruit and toppings as well as more milk and sweetener of choice if you desire. They are simple, easy and delicious.

To make your own plant-based milk that’s delicious and waste-free check out How To Make Vegan Milk At Home for Cheap


Chia pudding is prepared with chia seeds to make a porridge-like pudding packed with vitamins and omegas. Just like overnight oats, chia pudding only needs soaking the night before in order to have a rich, creamy nutritious breakfast waiting for you the next morning. It’s also a good idea to have some fruit, granola, sweetener or peanut butter to top it with as it can be a little tasteless just on its own. With chia pudding, it’s important to get the measurements right for that gooey, thick consistency. Normally I use 2 tablespoons of chia seeds for every half cup of milk for one portion of chia pudding. Mix this together the night before, ideally with some cinnamon and then the next morning stir and top with fruit, sweetener of choice, like maple syrup and peanut butter. 


If you fancy something a little more elaborate and time consuming that’s totally worth the extra effort consider a tofu scramble. You’ll need a pot or a frying pan for this and a camping gas stove. Just cut the tofu into chunks and then mash with a fork for the desired consistency. Heat a little oil in the pan and add the tofu and cook it until it starts to turn brown at the edges. You can add a pinch of turmeric for a yellow colour as well as spices and veggies of choice. Before scrambling the tofu I like to fry some tomatoes and mushrooms too to serve on the side. Serve with your favourite toast or bread. Tofu scramble is a fantastic way to start the day especially when you’ve been eating way too many oats and are looking for something a little different. 


A camping and road trip classic, porridge is simply the best, especially when you’ve just woken up somewhere cold and you’re body is craving something warm. Heat oats and plant-based milk in a pot adding some cinnamon and even mashed banana for a sweet kick. When cooked, top with fruit, peanut or almond butter, granola, maple syrup or anything else you have to hand. Porridge is super filling yet warming, nutritious and easy to make. It’s definitely our most frequent road trip breakfast.


For a really simple breakfast that you make in the back of your vehicle, avocado toast is perfect. It’s the perfect combination of crunchy toast and creamy avocado but if you don’t have a pan or any way to make toast, the bread will also do the trick. I like to mash the avocado leaving it chunky and top with sesame seed and chilli flakes when available. 


If you’re chasing a sunrise or simply don’t have time for breakfast why not just settle for some fruit and a protein bar? There are some really great plant-based protein bars out there such as Cliff, Lara Bar or my favourite, GoMacro Bars. Chomp down a banana, an apple and a protein bar and you’re good to go. Sometimes there isn’t time for breakfast and it’s ok for it not to be a priority at times when travelling.

Do you have any comments or questions about these road trip breakfast ideas? Which other ones would you add? I’d love to hear from you, let me know below.

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